Windrad aus Vogelperspektive mit Nebel

Commerz Real’s renewable energy fund¹ Investing in infinity

Fund launch
Type of fund
European Long-Term Investment Fund (ELTIF)
€ 113,93
Price/current issue price¹³ (updated daily)
€ 108,50
Price/Current redemption price¹³ (updated daily)
4.1 %
Performance (30/04/23 - 30/04/24)²
€ 1.3 billion
fund volume (updated daily)
1 of 7⁴
Risk class
Wasserfall, wo das Wasser die Steine hinunterbricht


klimaVest is an investment fund that makes the limitless potential of renewable resources available to private investors in 2024 − all in a single investment.

By selling the electricity generated via purchase agreements, which often span many years, the fund is designed to generate stable returns in the long term, independent of the stock market.

The target return is 3.5 – 4.5% p. a.²: Part of the return is distributed, and part remains in the fund, increasing the price per share. 

One investment, 36 wind & solar farms, 7 solar project developments, the opportunity for unlimited resources: that is klimaVest


Four of the 36 wind farms and solar parks in detail

Ansicht des klimaVest-Assets: Solarpark
  Tordesillas aus der Vogelperspektive.
klimaVest: Luftaufnahme des Windparks ToutVent
klimaVest: Luftaufnahme des Windparks Kuuronkallio im Sonnenlicht
Luftaufnahme des
  klimaVest-Assets Windparks Freckenfeld in der Abenddämmerung.
Real Estate
1 /
Europakarte mit dem Standortpfeil für den Solarpark Tordesillas

Tordesillas, Spain


The Tordesillas photovoltaic park, which was commissioned in September 2021, is located on the Spanish high plain northwest of Madrid. Located 700 metres above sea level, the park converts solar energy generated from around 10 hours of sun per day into renewable electricity.
Europakarte mit dem Standortpfeil für den Windpark Tout Vent

Tout Vent, France

Tout Vent

With six turbines, the Tout Vent wind farm in western France is aiming for annual energy production of around 59.3 GWh – enough to power more than 11,000 French households and save 6,700 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Europakarte mit dem Standortpfeil für den Windpark Kuuronkallio

Kannus, Finland


Kuuronkallio is the first Finnish wind farm to be added to the klimaVest portfolio: 14 turbines generate an average annual output of 216 GWh of renewable electricity there. This results in a CO₂ avoidance of around 50,000 tonnes per year.
Europakarte mit dem Standortpfeil für den Windpark Freckenfeld

Freckenfeld, Germany


The Freckenfeld wind farm in Rhineland-Palatinate has been operated by EnBW since 2017. Freckenfeld is a joint project: the areas surrounding the wind farm, comprising a total of 100 hectares, are owned by numerous private owners and are used for agriculture and viticulture.
Ein Assetmanager steht vor einem Solarpark
The Commerz Real Group

Your asset manager

Commerz Real¹ combines more than fifty years of experience in asset investments for private investors and more then twenty years of experience in renewable energy assets in a new product that makes it possible for private investors to invest in the energy transition.

Commerz Real is the first asset manager to offer klimaVest, a broadly diversified fund product specifically for private investors, which invests in infrastructure assets and is classified as an impact fund – thus achieving a measurable sustainable impact.


Product of
Commerz Real
Fund Management S.à r.l.

Invest in klimaVest digitally or with a personal advise

Decide which route suits you best.

Please note: Our digital subscription process to invest is recently only available in german language.

Direct and digital?


Uncomplicated & innovative: investment advice completely digital

With the klimaVest subscription path, you can purchase an investment product in the renewable energies segment that requires advice fully digitally for the first time.


Purchase through almost any existing custody account

Your klimaVest shares are then booked directly into your custody account – at almost all major banks, savings banks and investment platforms.


Identification via Deutsche Post Videoident or Postident

You can invest in klimaVest quickly and easily online with the Deutsche Post video chat identification system. Or you can select identification via Postident at a branch of Deutsche Post AG.

Or personal advice from your financial institution?

Ask one of our sales partners for a personal advise on klimaVest and buy klimaVest through your custody account with them. With a personal advise, you can currently purchase klimaVest from Commerzbank, BW-Bank / LBBW as well as selected Sparkasse branches, Volksbank branches and Raiffeisenbank branches.

Solarpanels bei Sonnenuntergang

The energy transition is now

One fund, one investment, unlimited resources: klimaVest

¹ The management company of klimaVest is Commerz Real Fund Management S.à r.l.
² Calculated using the BVI method (excluding initial issue premium/ argio, distribution reinvested immediately). Past performance, target return statements and planned profit distributions are not indicative of future returns.
³ The transfer of benefits and burdens for three Swedish photovoltaic project developments of Helios Nordic Energy has not yet taken place.
⁴ The risk of potential losses from future performance is rated as medium.
¹³ Current redemption price (excluding initial issue premium/ argio). The issue price always includes the initial charge of the klimaVest sales partner.